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Rescue: The Infection

The peak of technology leveraged in a significant population increase. The excess brought several social problems, such as the shortage of natural resources and geographic space. To solve some of the problems, artificial islands were created and made available for human habitation. As time passes, on one of the islands came a new vegetation, never seen before. The government then decided to send a team of scientists to research them. Some time passed and they were happy with the findings until something happened, they lost contact. After some days still not being able to stablish contact with the island a search team was sent to investigate.

Team Yang

Hi! We are Yang Studios,
a team of Indie-game developers, from Barueri, SP - Brazil.
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Thaís Mello Thaís Melo
CEO / Sound
Gabriel Ruiz Gabriel Ruiz
Texture / Marketing
Pedro Krivochein Pedro Krivochein
Marco Leal Marco Leal
3D Art
Diego Gomes Diego Gomes
Level Design
Samara Duarte Samara Duarte
Concept Art
Pablo Alves Pablo Alves
Giovanni Frossard Giovanni Frossard
Allan Moreira Allan Moreira
Digital Media
Gabriela Melo Gabriela Melo
Digital Media